I have always been an artist in the way I see the world, but only began a daily practice of art a few years ago.

I crave color when I create.  I will consider earthy tones, but consistently reach for the bright pops of color to reflect back the way I see and feel the natural world.  

I learned from a stint living overseas in the Black Forest that I require the rhythms of the seasons to pull me back into the present, to see the world fresh again and again.  Walking the fields and the woods in every type of weather, at all times of day and night, watching the light move from warm gold to a hard glittery blue.

Feelings, observations, even smells and sounds are my internal meta.  I often begin a piece with one of these as inspiration.  Using mostly acrylic paint, I layer color, shapes, lines, papers, or stencils onto the surface, building up until I have included all the associated information about that experience.  

I see joy as a universal theme, a spiritual experience that crosses boundaries such as culture, age, gender, or even time.  Joy in nature connects us all as humans, and that connection itself also brings joy.

 I create to experience joy and to share that connection with others.

Lee McCraw-Leavitt is a self-taught painter working in acrylic, mixed media, and watercolor.  Her passion is the energy and beauty found in nature.  Her years living in the Black Forest, and her current dwelling under the canopy of the great Pacific Northwest provide endless inspiration.  Patterns, colors, organic shapes, and the light that falls on everything.  She paints in a loose, intuitive style with bright colors, reinterpreting joyful moments in nature that she has experienced.  

    I'm a work in progress....

    I'm a work in progress....

    • Selected for 2017 Academy Center of the Arts Annual National Juried Art Exhibition
    • Selected for Olympia Arts League Arts Walk juried show
    • Currently exhibiting at La Gitana restaurant, Olympia, WA
    • Member of art collective Gallery Boom, Olympia, WA
    • Alternate cover artist Fall 2017 Art Walk, Olympia, WA
    • First Place in Stuttgart MWR 2014 juried art show
    • Held in private collections in the US and Europe


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